Shame talks

Shame talks
by Joel Howard

You think you're loved, 
cared for and known? 
I feel forgotten, 
scared and alone.
You think there's hope, 
a future in sight? 
I can't remember 
a thing I've done right. 
You see God in
the beauty of others? 
I cannot stand
my sisters and brothers. 
You forget sins that
were done unto you? 
The failure of others
sticks with me like glue. 
You honor God, others
and yourself? 
I have put care back
up on the shelf. 
When is the last time 
I wasn't ashamed? 
If there is a problem
I must take the blame. 
Not a day goes by
when I don't feel forgotten, 
scared and alone, 
filthy and rotten.  

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