by J. D. Howard

Centered and still
Happy and resting
Fully embracing
All that I am
Bowing before you
Centered in Jesus
Only now pleasing
Jesus my Lord

Focused and gazing
Comforted by Truth
Aware of my insides
Aware of my pain
Aware of celebration
Aware and thankful
Blessing your name
You holding my hands

Freely lamenting
Crying unashamed
Pouring out heart cries
Basking in love
Able to breathe
Not suffocating
Freely lamenting
Living in you

Telling you hurts
Telling you fears
Telling you truths
Now drawing near
Letting you in
Letting you move
Letting you speak
Coming to you

Taking our time
Watching and waiting
Silently moving
my attention to Christ
Praying for grace
Praying for love
Opening my soul
To Jesus above

Sitting, not standing
Bowing, not running
Not people pleasing
Not masking my pain
Not playing "Savior"
Not trying to win
White flag before you
I welcome you in

Telling the truth
Seeking integrity
The good and the ugly
The bad and the real
Taking my armor
I throw it behind me
Naked and broken,
Empty I come

Clothe me and wash me
Save me and know me
Arrange how you want to
All my insides
Prioritize me now
Household and family
Be my vocation
To you I bow

Wash now my feet
Empty my pride
Know all my secrets
Strengthen what's breaking
Hold up my hands
Weary from work
Embrace me again
Here in Your kindness

Shut out the visions
Satan put there
Replace them with pictures 
Of heavenly stairs
Where angels descend 
And ascend now again
Holy communication
I welcome you in

Take now my family
My friends and my church
Take now this region,
Nation and world
Be my heart's center
Be all I do
Give me your orders
I would come through

Satisfy me now
In your embrace
I set aside
This world's rule 
And it's pace
When this day's over
My journey complete
I lay my crowns
Down at your feet

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