Okay. I will

Friends :)

How many of you agree that on the outside we can be busy, moving, seemingly free
But on the inside there can be a lament, even a storm? 
I decided to share my journal entry today. (Consider it a modern "It is well" anthem)
Praying for you each!

- Joel David

Okay. [I will] - Joel Howard, 10.20.18
Pain is caught in my throat
Sorrow hugs me today
Tears line my cheeks and those of ones I care for
Pockets bare, stomach empty, suffering surrounds me
It is my world... she cries and laments
Poor are everywhere
Over 1 billion, I heard on the news
Skinny kids, sick kids, unclothed kids
Why do the poor languish?
Why are the old alone? 
Why are the young esteemed? 
They know nothing
We know little, quite nothing. 
And as we consider our human poverty
I say - I will. And it is through her suffering she will be reformed
Not instead of it. Like the discipline of childhood

Bare cupboards? I will
Empty pockets? Yes
Suffering around the bend? Okay
A "no" from above? It's well
Distant loved ones? I'm fine with that
Past pain? Its okay
Can I endure the suffering of a lifetime? I will
Can I drink this, your cup? I will
Can I praise you in these tears?  I will
Is your embrace of my heart sufficient? It is
Can I slow down to your pace?  Yes, I will
Will I stop and Sabbath as an act of worship?  Okay

In silence I approach Heaven's arms
In stillness I sense your kind smile

Kindness surrounds me. 
Its okay, and I will
My yes of faith becomes my vow today. 
Your will? Its okay..

Also, on a related note, how in touch are we with our inner suffering and lament and that of our world and fellow human kind?  Meditate using the photo below, it helped me 

A woman cries as she uses the recovered mobile phone of her daughter who was killed in the massive earthquake at Paul, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Thursday, October 4, 2018.  The mother did not get the chance to see the body of her daughter after she was buried earlier in a mass grave. msn.com

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