Mary's tears

Mary's tears
based on John 12:1-8
by Joel Howard

Mary's ointment
Mary's tears
Wiping His feet
with her hair
Scarlet sins
now white like snow
Just where else
is she to go? 

Home is where 
the Savior is
Pure emotion
Purer heart
Full of praise
And soul now torn
Following Christ
Following Christ

All onlookers
clueless now: 
"What a waste!" 
they say with frowns
But more productive
were her tears
Than if ten thousand
mouths she'd fed

What? Productive? 
Why? How? 
Awkward silence? 
Humble bow? 
Worthy Jesus, 
that is how!

Accomplishing can be a failure
In winning souls
we could fall short
Saving men 
can disqualify me
If my Savior's feet are dry
If my Savior's feet are dry

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