I'm returning to the desert

I’m returning to the desert
by Joel Howard, 10/31/18

I run
Run to the east
Away from the west of civilized life
I run
Run to the north
Run from the hot sun of people-pleasing
I come
Come to the center
To the center of your will, in your love
I bask
Bask in the Jesus
The Jesus I knew in scripture, deep in the Word

In coming I am learning
That the desert isn’t dry
Compared to the dryness of the world
That will never satisfy

In basking I return
To the fountain of the Son
Whose words fill every crevice
‘Til my shame is all undone

In fleeing to the fields
Of grace and kindness now
I find that malicious mankind
Cannot offer lasting belonging

In bowing my head low
I fold my arms and close my eyes
I’m finding that my sorrows
Hold a treasure I can find

I am reading your Word
I am listening in the silence
I am testing all your promises
I am resting in this Jesus

For when Jesus would DO
Then he would return to being
He is name is “great I AM”
Never “great I DO”

I’m returning to the desert
Fleeing to the wilderness
Hem me in and capture my heart
As I submit to you all of this

My inner contempt
for the ways in which
This world won’t satisfy
This world can’t satisfy

I’m returning to the desert
Abandoning this life
For the treasure of returning
Of abiding in the will

Of an all-knowing Father
Who created my brothers
My sisters and mother
Are equally loved

This love that is eternal
The same towards Jesus
As it is towards me
And as mine should be towards you

I’m returning to the desert
For only there I find
My rest, my source, my life
My all - hidden in the love of Christ

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