A child's poem (I don't want to be done)

A child's poem (I don't want to be done)
by Joel David, January 2019

Last night my daughter shrieked
In bed she shrieked
She wanted me

I picked her up and held her close
Comforted her close
She wanted me

After a minute I laid her down
She shrieked aloud;
"My child, what's wrong??"

And through her tears
Her sobs, her smears
I heard her say,

"I don't want to be done"
To be done was
Not an option

"I don't want to be done"
With what? I thought
And then

It dawned on me she wanted me
She wanted me,
Not sleep

"I don't want to be done"
With this hug
With this embrace,

She was saying in a 3-year old
Way, In a child-like way
She complained

'Your embrace at midnight
At midnight
Is what I need'

'Sleep is good, yes sleep
Is good but your love,
Daddy is better'

I held her close out on our couch
Out on our couch she slept
Upon my chest

Inside my arms, Inside my love
Inside this love
She rested
Out of the mouths of children,
Of children's lips
Praise has come

For now today in my own way
In my own way
My heart, it burns

Hours later this spirit feels
The beckoning 
Of Father God

Tugging, pulling, wooing
Undoing, calling 
Me to lean back

To lean back from the world
Back from the world
And seek Shelter

Seek shelter in the loving arms
The same loving arms
Of MY Father

A fire so deep, so unquenchable
Inside my soul

Now grips my deep, it grips my deep
Deep unto deep
It calls me

This morning I am lost in love
So lost in love
my Father's love

My heart it burns, this heart it yearns
For only that One Thing
My Father

Thank you Alathea for calling me
At early watches for
That embrace

Out of your mouth, babe, God
Really has 
Ordained praise

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